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Rovia Escapes Membership

Rovia Escapes Membership is designed to make vacationing as stress-free as possible. From their earliest dreams of ideal destinations, to booking the trip to coping with the all-too-common headaches during the trip, Rovia members have it easy.

Studies show the average employee spends 40 work hours each year planning vacations and visits 22 websites looking for the right destination, the perfect place to stay and the best deals. This not only costs the company money but also further increases stress on already time-starved employees.

Because Rovia Escapes members have access to hundreds of pre-planned vacations, they find vacation planning both easy and fun. The membership covers the employee’s household, so the entire family can enjoy:

  • Popular 4- and 5-star destinations across the United States and around the world
  • Beach resorts, family destinations, cruises, sports, etc.
  • Getaways from long weekend drives to 10-day adventures
  • Vacations to suit any budget

Stress-Reducing Excursions

When booking a Rovia Escape, members have access to an extensive list of activities and excursions to suit every taste. Our knowledgeable Escapes Specialists have scoured our vacation hot spots in pursuit of the ultimate excursions to help your employees relax and rejuvenate. Whether they’re looking for a spa retreat, spectacular golf, scenic hiking, family snorkeling, exciting nightlife, volunteering day trips, fine dining, city tours, or just some retail therapy, Rovia Escapes has it covered.


Award Winning Travel Support

Our 24/7 phone and online travel support center exists to minimize any travel hassles and keep your employees stress-free. Lost luggage? Missed connection? Bad weather cancel an activity? No problem—a quick call or chat is all it takes to get the vacation back on track. In addition, certain Rovia Escapes include an on-site host to ensure that your employees maximize their vacation experience.


Rovia Travel Agency

For members needing to arrange air travel to their Rovia Escape vacation, seeking to upgrade a room or extend their stay, or any other trip details, Rovia offers a private travel booking website with the best rates on airfares, hotels, rental cars, and activities. Members who prefer to design their own vacations can also leverage the power of Rovia to help find the best deals on virtually any travel purchase, all covered by the Rovia Price Pledge.

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“Employers are learning to recognize that for every dollar of vacations benefits they provide their employees, they receive a $3 return on the benefit investment in the form of improved employee productivity and morale.” –Austin Business Journal