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Transform your talent into a competitive advantage.

We all live in a fast-paced, over-worked, over-stressed society. We are continuously on the move and rarely have the opportunity to come up for air. As stress mounts, productivity in the workplace quickly declines. Innovative employers are realizing that driving sustainable business success requires helping employees reduce stress, which improves both short-term performance and long-term engagement.

It’s time to address the greatest unmet need in your wellness programs. Traditional wellness programs strive to improve employees’ physical health, while Rovia Escapes vacation membership targets improving employees’ mental and emotional health.

Attract and retain the best talent.

Surviving the recent economic downturn requires doing more with less, putting employees under unprecedented stress. As the economy recovers, employees are actively seeking less stressful places to work. Join the growing number of innovative companies actively pushing employees out of the office to relax, recharge their batteries, and renew their creative juices… before one of those companies pulls your employees away!

By providing employees with Rovia Escapes vacation membership, you send a strong message that work/life quality is a top priority, building the loyalty and engagement that drives sustainable revenue and profit growth!


Maximize employee engagement.

Companies that genuinely and actively encourage vacationing to reduce employee stress see immediate improvement in the creativity, ingenuity and productivity of their staff. Not only do employees return rejuvenated and refreshed, experiencing new locales and unique adventures stimulates innovative thinking at work. Moreover, Rovia Escapes vacation membership extends loyalty far beyond the individual employee, reaching families, colleagues and candidates long after the actual vacation.

Slow the rising cost of healthcare.

Stress is one of the leading causes of long-term illness today. Companies choosing to invest in decreasing employee stress now will see a substantial reduction in healthcare expenses over time. In fact, the University of Maryland reports that in a study of more than 46,000 employees, stressed and depressed staff members generated 147% higher health care costs than their coworkers.

Manage and measure the results.

Rovia Corporate Services knows top performing companies measure what matters most. So we offer a comprehensive suite of analytics, employee feedback tools, and consulting services to continually optimize your program.

As soon as your employees enroll, they will receive our customized travel preference survey so our Escapes Specialists can ensure we have the right trips to meet their needs and can even alert them to upcoming trips that match their profile.

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Investing in your workforce is investing in your company’s financial success.

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“European countries mandate a minimum of four weeks of vacation per year compared to two weeks in North America. Yet Europe surpassed the U.S. in growing its productivity year after year for 14 of the 19 years between 1981 and 2000” - U.S. Federal Reserve.